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Get moving, challenge yourself.

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RM Run Groups


A non-threatening and supportive environment for runners of all abilities.


What do you get?

  • Access to multiple Run Group sessions & locations each week

  • Each session is designed and delivered by an experienced runner who is also an Athletics Australia accredited running coach and degree qualified exercise physiologist

  • Active coach involvement during each session including technique analysis, feedback and coaching cues



When and Where?

Cronulla Run Group (On Hold)

When: Wednesday Morning

Time: 5:15am – 6:15am

Location: Meet on grassed area outside South Cronulla Surf Club

NOTE: location may vary and details will be posted on our Facebook page

Taren Point / Dolls Point Run Group

When: Friday Morning

Time: 5:15am – 6:15am

Location: Meet on grassed area approx. 100m north of the Woodlands Rd and Smith St intersection


How Do I Join & Get Started?

  1. Get in touch with us via the 'Get Started' button and let us know which Running Mate service(s) you are interested in

  2. We’ll contact you and request that you complete our pre-participation to provide us with valuable information about YOU (e.g. details of your running background (if any), your health and injury history, your life schedule and your running goals etc.).

  3. Organise payment of your Run Group fees and then join us at the next available session.



Take the first step

We'll just send you some info to start with ;)




Typically each session is divided into 3 parts i.e. warm up, main set & cool down

  • Warm Up: 10-15 mins of easy running followed by dynamic stretching / muscle activation and running drills
  • Main Set: Intervals, hills, fartlek & tempo running sessions tailored to each runners ability
  • Cool Down: 5 – 10 mins of easy running and recovery


What about the Weather?

Run Group sessions will proceed regardless of the weather. However, if its really bad, we’ll notify everyone of the cancellation via our Instagram / Facebook pages and head for a coffee instead!



Session Passes
10 Session Pass =  $125
20 Session Pass = $220

$15 per session



Bank: BankWest

Acc. Name: Business Zero Transaction Account

BSB: 302 - 162

Acc. No.: 1229766

Ref: SurnameRunGroup  e.g. Smithrungroup


  Still got questions? Just Contact Us here and we'll help you out!